Enter the Road to Consistency. Understand the Basic and Fundamentals for trading in the Foreign Exchange Market


The most important aspect for every developing trader is Risk Management. As a developing trader, you need to learn how to manage losses efficiently. Your strategy will not matter without a proper risk management plan. Risk management is the foundation to building a successful and consistent trading career.

An introduction to the world of trading: Understand who is involved, what they do, and what affects the market, the basic skills and technique for trading (such as; support and resistance, technical analysis).

Get a Unique overview of Technical and Fundamental Analysis, Risk and Money Management. As a forex trader, you need to understand how to manage risk and money in the forex market.

Learn to develop trade ideas and How support and resistance can be used to spot trends in the market.

Learn and Understand the impact of trading psychology(Mindset) on performance. You’ll also be receiving Mentorship/Coaching to help develop your trading psychology.

The Forex-Rookie course has been designed to prepare students mentally and emotionally before trading the foreign exchange market. Every trader needs to ensure to be emotionally and psychologically prepared for the market.

Weekly Live Webinars; where they will be QnA sessions

Our courses offer mentorship and coaching to students. This provides direct contact between student and instructors and serves as a support system for students to access help at any time as well as networking amongst fellow students.

Pre-recorded videos are also available to make your learning flexible

Registration starts 3rd May and ends 6th June

Get a 10% Discount when you pay on before 17th May


What the course offers:

  • Understanding the foreign exchange market
  • Risk and Money Management
  • Trading Psychology/Mindset support
  • Mentorship
  • Live Webinars
  • Certificate of completion


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Online Fee ₦207,000.0
Offline Fee ₦0.0
Duration 8 Weeks
Registration May 3, 21 00:00 — Jun 13, 21 23:00
Schedule Jun 7, 21 12:00 — Aug 6, 21 22:00
Registration Status Closed
A Laptop or Desktop Computer (Compulsory)
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